When Are Manufacturers Liable for Faulty Products?


Were you injured by a defective or dangerous product? If there was no adequate warning on the product, then you may be eligible for compensation. Consumers are legally protected against faulty products through product liability— the legal liability incurred by manufacturers and retailers who produce or sell a faulty product.

There are several different ways a manufacturer can be liable for a dangerous or defective product. For instance, the manufacturer can be liable for failing to warn the consumer about the potential dangers of using the product. Generally speaking, a warning is required when:

  • A product presents a danger
  • The manufacturer is aware of the danger
  • The product presents a danger when it is used reasonably in its intended manner
  • The danger presented is not obvious to a reasonable user of the product

The requirement for a warning depends on the specific circumstances of the product and situation. It’s important to understand your rights as a consumer and know when warnings are required. You should also recognize the responsibilities of manufacturers to keep consumers safe and aware of any hidden dangers associated with a product. The warning should always be specific, visible, and easily understood.

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